Therapeutic intervention

Multi Modal Family Intervention (MMFI)

shutterstock_29096389We work with families in crisis where a child is at risk of losing a relationship with one, or both, parents, siblings or extended family.  MMFI is a recommended intervention for some, but not all, families in this situation.  It may be recommended by the Court during Family Proceedings.  Our  tailored MMFI begins with a thorough, holistic assessment to determine the specific needs of the family.  With a compassion focused approach, the intervention plan draws on a range of evidence informed therapeutic tools aimed at restoring healthy relationships.

Individual Therapy

Sometimes a child, young person or adult will benefit from individual therapy to help them adjust to a new way of being.  Such therapy can help make sense of the loss of relationship, adjust to new family situations or develop effective coping strategies.  All therapy is preceded by a thorough assessment leading to a collaborative psychological formulation and intervention plan.

Family Therapy

Big ted little tedFamily therapy doesn’t always mean working with all of the family at the same time.  Typically we will work with individual family members, then dyads (such as one parent and a child) or larger groups (perhaps all siblings together).  We structure our therapy to the specific family need and agreed outcome – after a holistic assessment.  Our agreed therapeutic goal is often the establishment or re-instatement of a healthy post separation family functioning.


We provide therapeutic interventions in the South Wales area, often in the family home.  Individual therapy may be offered by a combination of Skype and face to face sessions, if appropriate, following a thorough therapeutic and risk assessment.