Professionals and practitioners

bio photoAt Family Psychology Solutions our Principal Psychologist, Dr Sue Whitcombe, offers a range of services to the social care, mental health, legal, education and family support sectors.  A registered psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council and chartered with the British Psychological Society, Dr Whitcombe brings psychological understanding and analysis to complex family situations.  We offer a number of services to individuals and organisations who work with children and families where there are post-separation difficulties.  These include:

  • clinical supervision, individual and group
  • consultancy
  • research
  • policy development
  • service development
  • training:

Gwilym Roberts, National Director, Relate Cymru comments on our training:

Sue knows her subject, she is able to explain the complicated and nuanced subject of parental alienation to a wide range of audiences in accessible language.  She encourages reflection on our own practice and is unafraid to be challenging when appropriate.  Sue encourages professionals to take a wider view of how to support families, especially those in conflict.

BPS Approved Training

Parental Alienation: Understanding, assessment and intervention for children and families


Dr Whitcombe also delivers BPS Approved Training in Parental Alienation for social care, therapeutic, mental health and education professionals.  BPS Approved Training can be commissioned by organisations for delivery to their staff or can be accessed through our practitioner workshops delivered throughout the UK.

Safeguarding Advisor for Children & Young People, NHS Trust

Your workshop on Parental Alienation was one of the best training sessions I have been to. It was well structured and there was valuable opportunity to discuss within session aspects of this perplexing presentation of parent and child behaviour. Practitioners and experts in the Court and Health Service arena need to be familiar with signs of parental alienation that could constitute further emotional abuse to children. This workshop certainly raised the profile of signs and indicators as well as the impact it can have on children and families, and that it is serious with long lasting consequences.