Family Psychology Solutions is a Community Interest Company committed to developing and offering appropriate and affordable therapeutic interventions for families.  This not-for-profit social enterprise was established by our Principal Psychologist, Dr Sue Whitcombe, with support from Teesside University.

shutterstock_318052733Here at Family Psychology Solutions we specialise in services for families and children, and the people who work with them. We recognise that “family” means different things to different people. We work with separated families, step-families, same-sex parents, children and adults estranged or alienated from family members, adoptive families and children who are looked after. We all have family relationships – and we know how complex and difficult these can often be. Our main focus is on strained relationships and relationship breakdown. The effect on relationships of complex issues such as conflict, hostility, violence, alienation, poor communication, parental mental ill-health or estrangement can be far reaching. Emotional well-being, social functioning and the ability to maintain healthy relationships can all be affected.  We offer accessible, affordable, appropriate therapeutic interventions in the South Wales area.

shutterstock_320369471At Family Psychology Solutions we also recognise that many professionals and organisations who work with families experiencing complex difficulties benefit from support from time to time. Our professional services are aimed at those who work with, and develop policy and services for, children and families in conflict.  We deliver our training, expert witness and consultancy services throughout the UK.