wishful thinkingFamily Psychology Solutions is here for anyone who is struggling with family breakdown – children, parents, grandparents.  We are also here for adults who realise their childhood family life is having an impact on their well-being or relationships.  We mainly work with high conflict and acrimonious family breakdown.  Our focus is on establishing and maintaining healthy post-separation family relationships through therapeutic support and intervention.

shutterstock_315809600We also work with professionals who support families.  If you are a family support organisation, Local Authority, school, social worker, mediator, mental health provider, family court adviser or Court appointed guardian – you may find our range of services helpful.  We offer case consultation, training and CPD (including British Psychological Society approved training), clinical supervision and expert assessment for the Family Court.

As a social enterprise, we are committed to providing affordable, appropriate, accessible interventions and support.  Our compassionate approach brings high quality specialist psychological input to those who need it most – children and families in crisis.

Your workshop on Parental Alienation was one of the best training sessions I have been to. It was well structured and there was valuable opportunity to discuss within session aspects of this perplexing presentation of parent and child behaviour. Practitioners and experts in the Court and Health Service arena need to be familiar with signs of parental alienation that could constitute further emotional abuse to children. This workshop certainly raised the profile of signs and indicators as well as the impact it can have on children and families, and that it is serious with long lasting consequences.


Safeguarding Advisor for Children & Young People, NHS Trust

I saw Dr Sue Whitcombe at the Male Psychology Conference in June 2017 where she was a keynote speaker. Sue was such an engaging speaker I was captivated. I felt her topic around Parental Alienation was ground-breaking and instantly asked her to speak at my own in-house seminar for Avon and Somerset Constabulary. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.


PC Mike Steven, Avon and Somerset Police